Music making is a joy and a challenge!

That is why my work with kids is guided by the Colourstrings method. This wonderful method employs fun games and brightly colorful graphics. Using it, young children feel pride at each new accomplishment and learn to play the violin in a free and dynamic manner. 


With more advanced students, I focus on building up technical acuity, creating and maintaining a flow of concentration, and honing the decision-making that accompanies musical exploration. I consider all students, regardless of age, to be musicians capable of making their own decisions and conveying them convincingly. I highly value a solid foundation in violin playing and aim to provide my students with technique that allows for free and flexible expressivity. As such, I place great value on developing clean intonation and secure bow control, as well as rhythmic versatility and harmonic understanding of the repertoire.


Lessons are held in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Please contact me for further information!